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Life-Changing Opportunities

Trekking in the Rocky Mountains, cycling aroundĀ the Great Lakes, or touring Europe; where can we take you for your next great adventure?

Best-in-class Training

Our instructors and training program, deliver some of the most unique experiences you can find all under one roof (or no roof at all).

Find Your True Potential

Our graduates have gone to amazing places and done incredible things. They found their start here.

Program Overview

We are a youth organization for young adults ages 12-18 who want to be a part of something more. Everything in the program is free of charge; training, uniforms, registration - everything.

Training is structured into five levels which correspond to a cadet's age and level of experience. As cadets move through the training program, they develop a strong foundation in leadership, communication, technical training (survival, toolcraft, navigation), and citizenship.


program overview

Cadets may choose to specialize in particular fields through summer training. These courses are 2 - 6 weeks longĀ and are held at Cadet Training Centres located across Canada. Specializations include military drill, fitness and sports, expedition training, marksmanship, and music.

Aside from structured training, our Cadets also build their leadership skills through on-the-job and real life leadership opportunities. Cadets lead each other to complete training objectives, as well as complete day-to-day operations.


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Learn more about what we stand for; our Mission, Purpose, and Values.

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