Update on Return to Training

We hope that you and your family have been staying safe over the summer.

As the COVID-19 environment continues to change, 2947 also adjusts its position to ensure the safety of our cadets and staff members.

The tentative date of our return to in-person activities has now been changed to October 1, 2020.

During the month of September, our team will be planning and coordinating our cadets’ safe and effective return to training. We will also continue to host virtual activities through September to ensure our cadets are engaged and primed for a smooth transition back to in-person activities.

Some key highlights regarding resumption of training are below:

  • The return to in-person activities date (October 1, 2020) is subject to change depending on how the COVID-19 situation evolves.
  • Cadets will be issued with non-medical masks (“NMM”) when we return to training. Cadets should be prepared to bring and wear their own masks in case there is a delay in the NMM being delivered.
  • Enhanced hand-washing procedures are in place to keep cadets safe.
  • There will be a redesigned pickup/drop-off protocol to promote social distancing and reduce congestion. This plan will be communicated in September.
  • There will be no overnight activities this training year. All activities will be single day activities only.
  • Cadets and staff members will not take part in any public fundraising activities (ie: tag days, car washes, bottle drives, etc.). Donations will still be gratefully accepted. To ensure that you receive a tax receipt for any donations, please follow the instructions found at http://www.2947armycadets.ca/support-2947/
  • We will continue to accept new registrations, beginning in September. These will be done online, over the phone, and by mail where necessary.
  • Cadets who are terminating their membership (quitting) must contact us immediately. As there are restrictions on contact we can have, we need to ensure that we have sufficient time to process the termination.

COVID-19 represents a challenge to us all. However, we are committed to delivering our award-winning program while maintaining the safety of our cadets and staff members.

If you have any questions, or wish to contact us for any reason, please don’t hesitate to send us an email at communications@2947armycadets.ca.

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