Our basic program is funded by the Government of Canada, however we rely on fundraising and donations to deliver the experiences that truly last a lifetime.


Donations of any amount are always welcome. Monetary donations help us purchase equipment, custom uniform parts, musical instruments, marksmanship equipment, and more.


All donated monies go directly to supporting the cadets. No administrative deductions. No management fees. Only full value impact.


Cheque Donations

Donations by cheque can be made out the Army Cadet League of Canada (BC Branch) with "Target : 2947 RCACC" in the memo portion of the cheque.

Please ensure that your address and contact information is included so that you can receive your tax receipt in a timely manner.

An illustrated example is available to the right.

Cheques can be mailed to or hand-delivered to either:

2947 RCACC
5500 No. 4 Rd
Richmond, BC
V6X 3L5


Army Cadet League of Canada (BC Branch)
724 Vanalman Avenue, Room 21
Victoria, BC
V8Z 3B5

Online Donations

Donations can be made online through the Army Cadet League of Canada (BC Branch)'s website. Payment is made through Credit Card. 

To ensure the donation goes directly to 2947 RCACC:

  • Select Restricted as the Donation Type
  • Select Specific Cadet Corps as Restricted Donation Purpose
  • Enter 2947 in the Cadet Corps for Restricted Donation field

Example available to the right.

Donating Goods or Services

You may wish to donate a specific piece of equipment or a type of service to the Corps. 

We welcome donations in all forms, but please be aware that you may not be able to receive a tax receipt for your donation of a good or service. 

Please contact communications@2947armycadets.ca if you wish to make such a donation so that we can confirm whether or not you will be eligible for a tax receipt.