STAND TO (OPEN) – September 5, 2019

2947 “39 Service Battalion” RCACC will resume training and operations on September 5, 2019.

Training times have not changed, and will be from 1830 hrs – 2130 hrs (6:30 PM – 9:30 PM)

New Registrations

We will be accepting new registrations immediately. Cadets who are interested in enrolling can complete their application forms ahead of time by accessing the form online at the link below:

Registration Form

New cadets will need to bring the following items:

  1. One piece of government-issued ID (SIN, BC ID, Passport, Birth Certificate, PR Card). This must be the original document, not a photocopy or picture;
  2. Your BC Care Card or equivalent medical insurance document; and
  3. A parent/guardian to sign off on your forms.

New registrants will be sized for their uniform on the day that they register. If stock is available in their size, it will be issued the same day. If no stock is available, the uniform will be ordered and will arrive at our office in 4-6 weeks time.

Transfers from Other Corps/Squadrons

Cadets who are transferring from other Corps/Squadrons will need to have met with their Commanding Officer or their representative to communicate their intent to transfer.

We are unable to process a transfer until you have been removed (struck off strength) from your previous Corps/Squadron’s system.

Your electronic training record will automatically migrate to us after the transfer, and you will retain your rank (or equivalent) and all completed training programs.

If you are transferring from a different element (Air or Sea), you may not be permitted to wear the badge for a summer training qualification that is not common across all three elements.

Current/Returning Cadets

Welcome back!

If any of your contact information has changed, you will need to let us know. This includes:

  • Your address if you’ve moved;
  • Your phone number and email address;
  • Your parents’/guardians’ contact information;
  • If any access rights have changed with your parents/guardians (please speak with us for more information on this).

We will also need to know if your medical status has changed. This includes any:

  • Recent surgeries;
  • New medications;
  • A new diagnosis*;

Please note that a diagnosis is confidential between you, your family, and your doctor. We do not need to know what it is unless you choose to disclose it, but we need to know that something has changed.

If any of the above medical items apply to you, please speak with us and complete a new Detailed Health Questionnaire.

Many of you have grown over the summer! We will also be processing uniform exchanges, so please bring in any items that have become too short or poorly fitting.

Please note that boots may take longer to replace due to limited stock.


If you have any questions, please contact us at

We look forward to seeing you in September!

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