Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of joining 2947?

$0.00! The Cadet program is completely free to all who are eligible to join. Uniforms, training, instructors, and facilities are all provided free of charge.

We may have some optional activities throughout the year which is paid for through internal fundraising. We would be extremely grateful for any voluntary donations, as they help us support more activities that may exist outside the scope of our regular training program.

What are the differences between Sea, Army, and Air Cadets?

Roughly 60% of training is identical across the sea, army, and air elements of the Cadet program. All cadets learn and practice skills related to leadership, communication, and leading healthy lifestyles.

The Army Cadet Program differs because it has concentrated training in a few key areas:

  • Expedition (adventure sports such as canoeing, mountain biking, climbing, and trekking)
  • Marksmanship (target shooting using rifles, concentrated courses during the summer)
  • Outdoor leadership (survival, navigation, tools, and outdoor skills)

The Army Cadet program also has the most opportunity for international travel out of the three elements. Cadets can attend international exchanges, international expeditions, or compete in England in the prestigious Bisley marksmanship competition.

What is the time commitment required?

Cadets must attend all Thursday training nights, as well as any mandatory weekend training exercises.

If cadets can not attend certain training nights, they must let our staff know. Much like school, cadets who are absent for too many sessions will not be able to pass their current training level and must repeat it the next year.

We also run a large number of optional teams that train on weekends, such as the Band, Drill Team, Marksmanship Team, and Drill Team.


I am an older young adult (age 14+) interested in joining 2947, will I be placed with 12 year-olds if I join cadets?

Our program is welcome to everybody, including older enrollees! You will train alongside all other new recruits for an orientation period of three to four weeks.

After completion of your recruit training, you will be accelerated to a level of training corresponding to your age. In this level, you will be training alongside other cadets in your same age group.

Cadets joining at age 17+ may be placed on our Locally Developed Training Program, which foregoes our five-year training structure in favour of on-the-job training in a functional role supporting the unit.

Do cadets have to join the Army?

No! Cadets are NOT members of the Canadian Armed Forces, and are not required to join the military before, during, or after their time with us.

I am an adult in the community, or an interested parent of a current or prospective cadet can I help out?

We are always looking for volunteers to give us a hand in various capacities.

Volunteers can be a part of our Sponsoring Committee, which is the civilian “board of directors” for our Cadet unit.

The Sponsoring Committee oversees the distribution of finances for equipment purchases and training costs, as well as leads event planning and recruitment initiatives.

If you have a background in a specialized area, we would love to have you volunteer with us as an instructor as well.

Specifically we are looking for individuals with a background in:

  • Music (concert bands, orchestra, military band);
  • Uniformed services (paramedics, firefighters, police);
  • Accounting (for work with the Sponsoring Committee);
  • The Canadian or other Commonwealth Armed Forces.