2947 is staffed by members of the Canadian Armed Forces who are specifically trained in instructing and leading youth. They are responsible for the overall planning and management of the Cadet Corps.


Our team also comes from diverse backgrounds in various businesses and industries. Many are also former cadets who are proficient in specialized areas of the program.


Officers and Adult Staff

Captain Jeff Ng
Commanding Officer
Captain Leah Yauck
Deputy Commanding Officer
Lieutenant Rico Choi
Training Officer
Lieutenant Reg Andrews
Assistant Training Officer
Mr. Bob Pratt
Standards Officer/Band Officer
Officer Cadet Micah Au
Administration Officer/Victrix Company Commander
Ms. Trudi Cheng
Orca Company/Apprentice Platoon Commander


Chief Warrant Officer Alex Nguyen
Regimental Sergeant Major
Warrant Officer Joyce Li
Victrix Company Sergeant Major
Master Warrant Officer Spencer Lee
Orca Company Sergeant Major
Master Warrant Officer Jonah Hu
Engineering Technical Sergeant Major
Master Warrant Officer Jordan Fu
Music Training Coordinator

Headquarters Company

Sergeant Karen Chen
Apprentice Platoon Warrant Officer
Master Corporal Kevin Lu
Apprentice Platoon Section Commander
Sergeant Cameron Jokanovich
Regimental Quartermaster
Master Corporal Noah Young
Company Quartermaster
Sergeant Brendynn Yee
Standards Coordinator
Sergeant Daniel Cai
Training Coordinator
Sergeant Legolas Yuen
Drum Major
Warrant Officer Jasmine Cheung
Communications Coordinator

Company Staff

Sergeant Bill Gao
Mustang Platoon Warrant Officer
Master Corporal Patricia Procopio
Calibre Platoon Warrant Officer
Sergeant Samuel Ng
Lightning Platoon Warrant Officer
Sergeant Selina Huang
Arc Platoon Warrant Officer