Who We Are

2947 "39 Service Battalion" is Metro Vancouver's premier youth organization. 

Our program is offered to any youth ages 12-18, and aims to instill qualities of leadership, discipline, and active citizenship in tomorrow's next top leaders.

Our training consists of instruction in leadership, military drill, fitness, citizenship, and technical skills such as marksmanship, navigation, wilderness survival, and adventure training.

The Army Cadet Program is funded through a partnership between the Department of National Defence and the Army Cadet League of Canada. 

There is no registration cost for the program and no annual fees.

We rely on our own fundraising to support many of the programs which set us apart from other youth organizations and other cadet units. Cadets are expected to support this fundraising through volunteer time during fundraising events, through private donations to the Corps, or a combination of both.

Our Story

2947 was founded in 1976 in Richmond, BC and has produced some of Canada's most successful young leaders for more than 40 years.

Our cadets claim the highest regional and national awards annually, such as the President's Trophy for Top Cadet in BC, Top in Course awards for summer training, and the Major General Howard Medal for Top Gold Star (Year 4) Graduate in BC.

2947 also prides itself in producing graduates who go on to achieve great things after they have left our program. Our alumni have gone on to study at institutions such as the University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, Columbia University, Cornell University, and other renowned schools worldwide. 

Our Mission

2947 RCACC’s Mission is to be the top youth organization in Canada through offering life-changing leadership opportunities, best-in-class training and instruction, and an immersive military structure.

We will create Canada’s next generation of top professionals in STEM, healthcare, business, trades, academia, and the Public Service.

Our Values and Beliefs

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