Who We Are

2947 “12 Service Battalion” is Richmond’s premier Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps. We are a youth organization for young adults ages 12-18.

Our training consists of instruction in leadership, military drill, fitness, citizenship, and technical skills such as marksmanship, navigation, wilderness survival, and adventure training.

Our Story

2947 was founded in 1976 in Richmond, BC and has produced some of Canada’s most successful young leaders over the past 40 years.

Our cadets claim the highest regional and national awards annually, such as the President’s Trophy for Top Cadet in BC, Top in Course awards for summer training, and the Major General Howard Medal for Top Gold Star (Year 4) Graduate in BC.


Our Mission

2947 RCACC’s Mission is to be the top youth organization in Canada through offering life-changing leadership opportunities, best-in-class training and instruction, and an immersive military structure.

We will create Canada’s next generation of top professionals in STEM, healthcare, business, trades, academia, and the Public Service.

Our Purpose

To prepare the next generation of leaders and serve the community by providing youth with leadership opportunities and experience not available anywhere else.

Our Values

Be Responsible

Be accountable for all actions and consequences to those whom they may impact.

Be Leaders

Take charge of a team and situation while respecting the team and their well-being.

Be Efficient

Do it well, do it fast, do it safe, and keep it simple.

Be Confident

Be brave and accept risks and mistakes.

Be Reliable

Be a positive role model and earn the trust of those around you.

Our Beliefs

All people deserve opportunities

Everyone is equal

Communication is the key to success

Hard work will always pay off

Skill and knowledge can overcome any challenge

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